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Video Press Release Distribution

Indonesia Video Press Release Distribution Services

Press release services in video format are next adaptation of content creation that will increase the engagement and interest from the audience. It is made possible with the rise and popularity of YouTube in the world and local video platform in many countries. It turns text-based delivery into animated-based ones. Video press release distribution is going to be the next thing.

Creativity for Press Video

Video press release can be built out of existing press release which is already has quality and presentation, to reformulate and embed into one good video. This is the simple process to take but the content that matters for story angle that will define the perception and impression of the audience. It can carries compelling content for showing the proof, fact, quote and credential, and create different look and feel out of it.

Some media provide video press release due to its high potential as portable media kit that is social media friendly. This is a true testament as we also experience in daily lives where messaging platforms are flooded with all sort of video shared across, again and again.

Reach on Search Engines and Video Channels

A press release with video will significantly increase the views than the one without. It is easy to imagine by comparing the traffic to Google search engine for all categories and Youtube as video search engine for certain popular theme or interest.

Interestingly, video is also one of the channels in Google search, so the clients will benefit from visibility on Youtube, video and general channels of Google search. Think also the potential to obtain high quality backlinks from authority websites and video hosting sites.

DigiCampaign Video Press Releases

DigiCampaign will help you activate video press release, a 60-second video with voiceover by professionals reading the news or it is just text below the video.

The ideal length of video should be kept between 30 and 120 seconds. Unless it is fun and controversial stuff, people may not stick long enough to watch from end to end.

As it is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, DigiCampaign has formed partnership with other international press release distribution services to enable video productions that can be produced in one of the following languages: English, French, Arabic.

It will be growing innovative approach in public relations as campaign to bring awareness, while it can be packaged as simple yet exciting and fun. This will help to maximize your news visibility and share ability for potential organic reach in the social media platform.

You can talk to one of the representatives, Tandil Wijaya or Charlie M. Sianipar. Hopefully it will add extra mileages and traction to your press release for now and long.

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