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Search Engine Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management Services

Search engine reputation management (SERM) is a different kind of interest for SEO professionals. It is part of SEO services on flushing out from search results reputation in trouble. Reputation maintenance is part of public relations campaign.

Companies are becoming more aware that all corporate activities are one way or the other may end up online on search results and social media. Some will inevitably rank well which will give impact on reputation no matter it is positive or negative. Companies have less control with the widespread of connectivity and communication application.

Search engine reputation management services is positioned to manage your online reputation while it is clean from any negative sentiment, most importantly the top 10 on first page. You can claim your listing by taking positive actions towards optimizing your contents to come up as the most relevant when there is mention of your brand or name. It helps to identify which content needs update, missing keywords, optimizing for meta title and meta description.

Doing so will make it harder for new content from disgruntled customers from making into the top 10. Maybe it will rank awhile for recency, however it will soon lose to ranking to quality contents, due to lack of many factors mentioned above.

Ranking for reputation management will focus mainly on having good amount exposure to get the attention for various aspect of your brand or name. Various attractions will grow your links from variety of authoritative sites. In the long run, it will confirm your authority that will lead to potential business opportunities.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for public relation (PR online services) is special skills through elaborate strategies to rank for your contents while at the same time, the expert is also making analysis on the right strategies to set aside unfavorable contents for a brand or good reputation. There are far more challenges when dealing with reputation on search engine. To illustrate, we are talking about optimizing for any negative messages appearing on the first top 10 results which literally means Google’s first page search. Each may represent different domain which ranks for different factors, but obviously your name or brand is one reason they flock there. Let’s hope you will not find out any major news media site is not one of them. Google will consider news media is authoritative source because news media site is many ways not related to news sources and it is professional journalistic work to produce an article.

If it is a clear case of defamation in the content, it is possible to take the case to Google to remove it from search results. While it may also involve taking offline steps, by talking to the website owner or administrator to negotiate a settlement or summary letter to remove the content from its Website’s page or link.

Having search engine reputation management services at your arsenal will greatly enhance your chances to be recognized in your niche or industry or skill-set and convert that gain into competitive advantage and sales lead performance. DigiCampaign is dedicated to search engine reputation management services based in Jakarta, Indonesia, serving with quality and integrity, to roam the digital map together in brand mutualism.

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