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Public Relations as communication services was primarily provided by professional PR agencies. It is a departmental function in big companies playing vital role of being the human face and spokesperson to deliver messages that resonate corporation’s values, policies, standpoint and response. This role will remain paramount for the foreseeable future. However the rapid progression of digital communication has brought big shift on how the role will be played out. This technological ascend has spawned new trend on how to embrace this role into digital world. One of the familiar term earmarked for this professional field is online Public Relations or it may also be searched by many as PR online services.

The shading area between the role and function of public relations and other professional field such as online marketing in today’s open digital society requires an interesting elaboration on how they will work together for mutual benefits because both sides share common platform. Then, it just boils down into how each will implement the strategies and tools and interpretation of data and feedback.

Here are the comparisons of Online PR vs Online Marketing in respect of


PR will work towards uplifting company’s image and perception and many accomplishments to be featured and it will deal wide array of publics both external and internal. While Marketing will create the right reasoning and ideal conditioning where the public feel the need to take intended action for subject or object featured.

Social Media Signals

PR will work actively on social media for networking strategies, converse well with influence and initiate some outreaches and engagements. Media monitoring software will be the appropriate tool to listen to brand mentions on news or any public portal and social media. While Marketing will look into the social media matrices to engage specific group for potential buying of respective brand.

Link-building Strategies

PR will work to create quality content, i.e. press release, media kit specifically geared up for coverage by relevant and reputable news sites. While Marketing will work towards diverse links from SEO point of view.

KPI of Success

PR will measure the success of its undertaking from media placements, mentions and impressions. Seeing the result as a big picture. While marketing will measure the success from getting valuable back-links and hence referral traffic and actual leads who make the contacts.

Publicity Content

PR content is traditionally generated to make it newsworthy. Therefore sometimes there is less control over how it will be presented to the audience by the media. But paid media will ensure the content will remain unchanged. While marketing will create content that is search-friendly because they are based on keyword research and ensure that each content will not be duplicative. Duplicate content must be avoided in internet marketing to keep off Google penalty. Creative content will help with abundance of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).


PR is designed to build good image or reputation from many angles possible and they also need to counter any negative campaign from competitions. While Marketing will put the effort to promote and market the service or product capitalizing from positive PR campaign.

Marketable Equity

Good PR practice will increase the goodwill and value of the company in the long term. While Marketing will reap the benefits of cross-promotion, up-selling and better pricing in product or service. The classic example is Apple.

The above points are pretty simple and easy to understand. The best way to improve your business is to integrate public relations into online marketing mix or the other way around, because public relations is an expensive investment financially and timing-wise. Therefore it needs to be measurable as it has been with online marketing.

DigiCampaign and GALASEO digital marketing companies in Jakarta provides PR Online Services to bring you the best in online marketing to spread and to measure the results with online analytics. SEO expertise will help your PR content and campaign to reach which segment of the public you need to reach. Our Facebook marketing expert will devise plan for your PR either into marketing or advertising or even both. Further, we can advise you to explore various funnels with different format from one piece of PR content, to fit with each characteristics and visually attentive. In-depth discussion is encouraged to get better hold on your planning and strategic partnership with DigiCampaign and GALASEO, Search Engine Optimization specialist.

“We believe PR should be practiced to serve the public interest, to develop mutual understanding between organizations and their publics.”
– James E. Grunig
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